Climate Change Denial

The climate change debate has been fought largely outside of the peer-reviewed scientific literature, which has reached a strong consensus that not only is the environment warming but that anthropogenic greenhouse gases are a primary cause of that warming.  Instead, climate change deniers are seeking to promote their rhetoric in classrooms, both in schools and in universities.  
CASS is currently researching a course taught at a leading Canadian university that is reportedly teaching a biased view of climate science alongside denialist rhetoric.
Starting in early 2011, a team of CASS researchers audited the course "Climate Change: An Earth Sciences Perspective" at Carleton University. The team then assembled a report detailing a science-based critique of the course content, finding no less than 142 distinct errors of fact. Students in the course were given key climate denial takeaway messages that were not supported by peer-reviewed scientific literature.
The resulting report was the product of nearly one year of research and was finally released in February of 2012. The report, "Climate Change Denial in the Classroom: A report on the course "Climate Change: An Earth Sciences Perspective" (ERTH2402) at Carleton University" can be downloaded here
The goal of this project was to provide a firm, science-based evaluation of the course and while the report speaks for itself it does also point to a needed debate on the state of climate science teaching in Canadian universities and issues of academic freedom. While academic freedom must be held to be paramount, a course that provides such a biased account of accepted science can not be withheld from scrutiny. 
The following sources provide coverage of the CASS report and discuss these implications in more detail.

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