Safety of Genetically Modified Crops

In November and December 2013, a speaking tour featuring anti-GMO activists Thierry Vrain and Shiv Chopra visited many towns and cities in BC and Alberta. CFI Okanagan and CASS evaluated the scientific basis of the claims made by these speakers, and produced a handout to be distributed at events. We support the scientific consensus that there is no reason to fear genetically modified crops.

Food Health Claims in Canadian Media Study

In 2011 the scientific journal Public Understanding of Science published "The quality of the evidence for dietary advice given in UK national newspapers", a study that looked at 10 newspapers over a period of 7 days and picked out all the stories relating to the health effects of food.  The authors found that of 111 claims, around 70% had lower than the "convincing" or "probable" categories that are recommended for dietary claims. CASS is currently replicating the study in Canada to look for a difference across publishers and regions.