Toronto “Body Soul & Spirit” Expo Afraid of Honest Inquiry Into Dubious Claims

Toronto, Ont. (March 25, 2011) – When members of the Centre for Inquiry (CFI), longtime publishers of magazines Free Inquiry and Skeptical Inquirer, approached officers with the “Body, Soul & Spirit” Expo to gain media access, they were flatly denied, then told to “get honest with yourself or karma will teach you in ways your ego would not like.”

A Conspicuous Absence of Reason at “Natural Healing” Expos

Toronto, ON (Nov 3 2010) – In September and October, several representatives of the Centre for Inquiry Canada visited the Body, Soul, Spirit Expo touring western Canada.  In November, the Whole Life Expo will make its annual return to Toronto.  One thing that has not been found at these expositions is reason or sound science, as Nathan Phelps, director of CFI Calgary reports in his most recent article.